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Chalcedony - "The Bird That Spoke"

Chalcedony - "Left Side of the Pier"

Chalcedony - "Little Death"

Chalcedony - "Wrong Again"

Chalcedony - "Final Love"

Chalcedony - "The Angel"

Chalcedony - "Pandora's Box"

Chalcedony - "Butterflies"

Confusion - "White"

Chalcedony - Ben And I

Chalcedony - The Bird That Spoke

Film Archives

The making of Chalcedony - Chapter II
Behind the Scenes - Chalcedony "Little Death" [Part 1]
Behind the Scenes - Chalcedony "Little Death" [Part 2]
Behind the Scenes - Chalcedony "Little Death" [Part 3]

Chalcedony - Piano Concert in Second Life (27/10/13)
Confusion XXX - (Parts 1 to 8)
Confusion Final - (Parts 1 to 18)

The Crowsnest Jam Knights: Bohemian Rhapsody - Wilson Brothers
Crows Nest Jam Knights 131 - Metallica - One
Crows Nest Jam Knights 125 - Alex Guitar Solo
Crows Nest Jam Knights 136 - Long Train Running
Crows Nest Jam Knights 137 - Judith
Crows Nest Jam Knights 134 - Got It Wrong (by Dan & Yan)
Crows Nest Jam Knights 131 - Jump!
Crows Nest Jam Knights 133 - Stan
Crows Nest Jam Knights - TERMINATOR DRONE JAM!
Crows Nest Jam Knights 122 - Moby Dick
Crows Nest Jam Knights - 107 - The Young Ones (Complete)
Crows Nest Jam Knights 122 - Wasting Hate
Crows Nest Jam Knights XMAS - Fairy Tale New York

The Making of Butterflies
Chalcedony Drum Solo - Saint Hill Castle
Chalcedony - Old song on Piano (as a kid)
Chalcedony - Element Gen.1 No.7 'Restriction' (Live)
Chalcedony - Element Gen.1 No.12 'Solitude' (Live)
Chalcedony - Element Gen.1 No.13 'Frustration' (Live)
Chalcedony - Element Gen.2 No.6 'Accuracy' (Live)
Chalcedony - Starwars Drum Solo (Live)
Chalcedony - Golden Axe Piano Solo (Live)
Chalcedony - Sonic The Hedgehog Piano Solo (Live)
Chalcedony - Piano Solo Fast (Element 'Energy' Live)
Chalcedony - The Making Of Chapter One
Chalcedony - Ben And I

Confusion - Foo Fighters Everlong (Live Cover)
Confusion Backstage
Confusion - Metallica 'One' (Live Cover)

Zakk Haydon - How Long Is Forever (official video))
Zakk Haydon - Three Feet Apart (Official Video)

Crash And Burn - Arcade Game Preview WTV
Kyrandia Drums - Our Childhood Creation
Funny - Golden Axe Party Trick
Funny - Laugh of Death
Game Dev - Brawl First Video
Eveshka - A Cup Of Tea
Cats in Garden with Piano Music

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